We’ve all been there. The plan all along has been to hit the gym, to get in that workout, but when push comes to shove—it’s sometimes easier said than done! The excuses come pouring out- “I don’t have time!”, “I’m too tired!” I worked out last week!” But here are a few ways that have been proven to help you find that motivation, and get your workout in!! You never walk out of exercising saying, “I wish I didn’t get my workout it!” Never. So let’s get it done!

Here are four ways that have been proven to help you really find that motivation to go!

#1 How to Kill the Dread

* Stop thinking about the beginning!

* 10 minutes into, you’ll realize it’s not so bad

* Think about your goals

#2 Make A Plan (No, a Real Plan)

* Write it down! (who, what, when, where, why, how)

* PLANNING to exercise increases time at the gym by 138%- which days, for how long?

* Think of the obstacles that may pop up- an “If-Then” situation

#3 Make It A Game

* Make a check off calendar that you get to mark every time you do a workout

#4 Fight Feelings with Feelings

* Fight bad feelings with good feelings

* Listen to your favorite music

And there you go, four EASY things to try to motivate you to try! There are even more great ideas, and more information in the article below. Go check it out! Let’s get motivated!!!!