Do you want to start a new workout regime? Do you have a certain goal or endpoint in mind? It’s a great idea to set goals for yourself and push yourself to reach them! Sometimes it can be hard to stick those goals, and achieve your workout and fitness dreams! Fitness Magazine wrote an article about “7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal.” They provided reasonable tips on how to set and keep goals for yourself!

7 Ways to Stick to Any Goal

“Eating healthy and exercising won’t help you if it’s only temporary,” says M.J. Ryan, author of This Year I Will…. Here, her advice on sticking to any goal. By Alice Oglethorpe

  1. Make it nonnegotiable.

Don’t tell yourself that you can cop out.

  1. Make it actionable.

Be clear about what you’re going to do to reach your goal. For example: “I’ll go to sleep 30 minutes earlier so I can wake up and exercise in the morning.”

  1. Set a deadline.

Mark it on your calendar.

  1. Schedule it in.

Write workouts or other healthy actions in your planner and treat them like appointments.

  1. Find solutions for your usual excuses.

Write down your most common reasons for not doing something healthy, and brainstorm strategies to deal with them.

  1. Do it daily.

The more something is part of your everyday life, the less you’ll have to think about it.

  1. Change your focus.

Look at what you’ve accomplished as opposed to what you still have to do. Pat yourself on the back!

All great tips to help you reach your fitness goals! YOU can do it! Get to the gym and blow those goals out of the water!

I think it is also a great thought, mentioned at the beginning of the article, that “eating healthy and exercising won’t help you if it’s only temporary.” Make “taking care of you” an everyday job. Eating healthy and exercise definitely have short-term benefits, but the long-term rewards can make for an even better and healthier YOU!