Fun and Effective Step Classes near Metairie, LA

You can get fantastic fitness results using choreographed dance-style workouts with our popular step class in Metairie, LA. The instructors at French Riviera Fitness have many years of experience in step aerobics and can lead you in a fun, calorie-burning routine. These classes are great for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike who are seeking an effective conditioning program to get their heart rates going. Step aerobics classes have helped countless individuals lose or maintain their weight through this motivational group fitness exercise. Move to the beat as you target various muscle groups for a full-body workout that you’ll not soon forget. Register to see for yourself!

What are Step Aerobics Classes?

Step class consists of a platform that you step on and off of while you follow an instructor’s direction. They will show you different moves that will focus on distinct body parts to help slim and tone your entire body. You can optionally use light to medium weights during your step aerobics classes to get an even further challenge. Let the rhythms of the music guide your pace as you get your heart rate raises and your sweat away the pounds. Step aerobics is one of the best ways to get a fat-burning training session of varying intensity levels without it feeling like a workout.

Sign Up for Step Aerobics Today

French Riviera Fitness has excellent step classes that can reach large muscle groups like glutes, quads and hamstrings, helping you get the desired weight loss effect. Enjoy your training session in Metairie, LA, with a workout that cranks up the music and guides you through a choreographed exercise routine. Our step aerobics classes are designed to help you burn calories while doing rhythmic stepping movements to the beat of a song. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, check our class calendar to sign up for step aerobics today or call us at (504) 454-5855 for more information.