Spin Classes Available in Metairie, LA

At the Metairie location of French Riviera Fitness, we have added a selection of spin classes to our exercise class schedule. There are several advantages you benefit from when you add spinning classes to your workout routine. As you continue to implement new practices into your regimen, consider our cycling classes at the Metairie location of French Riviera Fitness. Whether you are looking to tone your muscles and lose some unwanted weight or improve your road bike performance, our professional spin instructors will assist.

Health Benefits of Spinning Exercise

One hour in a spinning classes burns more calories than equal time in Hatha Yoga, even when you’re biking at a moderate pace. On top of caloric burn, your muscle gains are noticeably increased, making spin classes at French Riviera Fitness an excellent addition for meeting your health goals.

Spin classes are good for your heart and are both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic in that spinning is a cardio workout improving your cardiovascular conditioning with the increase of your heart rate. And anaerobic as you build your endurance through spin class workouts.

If you are looking for an engaging, fun, group exercise, spin classes meet and often exceed all of those items. You power through each class in a group setting with the ability to go at your own pace, so you have the support of the entire class while encouraging others.

Unlike traditional cardio exercises, cycle spinning is easier on your feet and knees. Less pressure is applied to these joints and they don’t carry the full weight of your body or endure the impact that they do in typical cardiovascular workouts.

Building leg and calf muscles are to be expected when attending regular spin classes. However, spinning also strengthens your core. Working your abdomen, back and legs means you are building several muscle groups simultaneously, making spinning an efficient form of exercise. The type of muscle you build with spinning is a lean muscle. With proper nutrition, spinning will help you shed body fat too.

French Riviera Fitness

The best way to feel the positive results of incorporating spinning to your workout schedule is to stop by the Metairie location of French Riviera Fitness and take a class. Our professional exercise instructors will teach you proper movement and technique to ensure you will have optimal results. Let us answer any questions you have about our facility and reaching your fitness goals today.