Spin Classes in LaPlace, LA 

Spinning is an excellent way to get in shape. French Riviera Fitness in LaPlace, LA, has professionally-lead spin classes. We have added a selection of cycling classes designed to help you meet your physical fitness goals. Adding spinning to your workout routine provides the opportunity to work new muscle groups and burn fat. If you are looking to tone your physique or shed unwanted pounds, cycling classes at French Riviera Fitness in LaPlace, LA, has openings today. Because we offer a full-array of exercise classes, we are your single source gym. 

Cycling Workouts 

Spin cycle aerobic exercise burns more calories than other forms of exercise, including Hatha Yoga. Along with a high-caloric burn, spin classes engage a full-range of your muscle systems, so the increase to your muscles as well as their toned appearance is more noticeable. Our spin classes are fun as well. The professionally trained fitness and aerobic instructors at French Riviera Fitness in LaPlace, motivate our clients to perform their best while cycling. The entire group is encouraged to give their best, so you feel comfortable going at your own pace or pushing yourself harder. If you haven’t tried a spin class before, now is the best time! With a variety of times offered throughout the week, you’ll find one to fit your schedule.

Spinning is a workout that improves your cardiovascular conditioning and strengthens your lungs with increased oxygen absorption in your body. Spinning is also an anaerobic exercise because it increases your speed, power and muscle mass. It is also a low-impact form of exercise, so it’s easy on your feet and knees. Our top-of-the-line stationary bikes carry the weight of your body during a spin class, alleviating the pressure on your joints as well. Spin cycle classes strengthen several muscle groups simultaneously. You will work your back, abdomen, legs arms and core. Partnered with proper nutrition, spinning class will help you increase your lean muscled and shed weight. With so many benefits, spin classes do more for your body than other workouts, which explains why it continues to gain popularity for getting in shape. 

French Riviera Fitness

We invite you to stop into the French Riviera Fitness location near LaPlace, LA, and try our spin class for yourself. You will feel the results and benefits after your session with us. Our cycling class instructors will teach you technique and correct movement for optimal results. We will answer any questions you have about our facility and reaching your personal fitness goals today.