Fitness Center for Carrollton, LA

This year, stick to your New Year’s Resolution. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger or work out longer, you can be your best self at French Riviera Fitness near Carrollton, LA. Located in New Orleans, French Riviera offers a range of solo and group fitness options. With morning and evening classes like Spin, Zumba, 20/20/20 and more, improve your health and overall fitness while meeting great people and our friendly staff at a high-quality fitness center.

We open early from Monday to Friday at 5 am and stay open late until 10 pm, so there’s always a chance to work out! If you’re looking for a fitness center with state-of-the-art workout machines, French Riviera Fitness is the best fit for you!

Health Club Amenities

Our gym memberships include access to men and women’s locker rooms, a huge selection of fitness classes, personal training and a women’s only workout. Lose weight, build muscle and learn what your body is truly capable of, all in a judgment-free fitness center near you in Carrollton, LA.

Our Certified Fitness Trainers

With our staff of personal trainers, you don’t need a gym buddy to get you motivated. Each of our trainers spends time with you one-on-one to help you transform yourself. They can create a customized workout to help you build muscle, lose weight or train for whatever goals you have in mind. With our specialized visual fitness planner, we can show a 3D image of your body’s potential and how you might look after weight loss or muscle growth.

For members in New Orleans and Carrollton, visit our Earhart Blvd. location. Get a free 3-day pass and call us at (504) 862-9995 to learn more about French Riviera Fitness.