We love hearing how French Riviera Fitness impacts our members’ fitness goals! Here is a testimonial on how we were able to help a member make time for the gym with the help of a personal trainer.

“I’ve belonged to a gym most of my adult life. I’d join with good intentions but would soon lose the motivation to go on a consistent basis because I didn’t now what I should do once I got there. With a full time job and a family, finding excuses to not get to the gym was really easy. SO, after years of inconsistent exercising and not seeing any real changes, I decided to make a change and get a personal trainer. I met with Ricky in late August and we talked about my goals and decided Kirk would be a great fit. It changed everything for me. Thanks to Kirk’s guidance and persistence, I now know what I’m doing each time I walk into the gym. And justas important, he has taught me how and what to eat in order to lose fat and gain lean muscle (my goal). I’m down 4 sizes so far and have changed the shape of my body. I can’t say enough about how terrific Kirk and all of the training staff are at French .. so supportive and friendly. I consider him a friend and am so grateful for my gym family at French!”