We love it when our member succeed with their fitness goals! Here is what Aishwarya Raju had to say on how French Riviera Fitness and her trainer Anthony allowed her to achieve her goals.

“I started my fitness journey at French Riviera about 14 months ago. I had gained about 25 lbs from not being able to work out as much as I used to due to a very busy work schedule. One of the best things I could have ever done, as far as my fitness goes, was to sign up with FR’S personal training program. Not only did my personal trainers make me feel very comfortable and like I was guiding each session, but they were also very accommodating with my time, making a busy work schedule not an excuse. They taught me how to make a lifestyle change with my fitness regimen and diet, not just come up with a quick fix. This is what has allowed me to drop 37 pounds and keep it off. It has been a permanent lifestyle change for me and I couldn’t thank FR enough for that.”