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  Working out is about getting better physically, mentally, emotionally, and reaching your own personal potential along the way. Some people want to build muscle, some want to have better endurance or athletic ability, most want to look and feel … Continue reading

Kettlebells 101

  Kettlebells have made a comeback! Primarily used in athletic fitness programs, they are being reintroduced to health clubs and fitness centers around the globe. Kettlebells are a great alternative to other types of free weights or machines. What is … Continue reading

Double Amputee Trains at Birmingham Gym

This is a great article that took place at our Birmingham gym. One of our Riviera Fitness members Tamaria Brown trains with our amazing trainer. A double amputee, Tamaria is an inspiration to us all. A New Orleans native, Tamaria had to relocate … Continue reading

Birmingham Gym helps you Find Your Center

  The world that we live in today is different from the one of our parents and grandparents. In short, technology has drastically changed our lives. To deal with these changes it’s important to find your center and peace in … Continue reading