If you haven’t tried group training yet, you should! Studies have shown that group training can have a positive impact for health. These benefits include:

  • Motivation

Group Training is a great motivator! Having friends there to push you and hold you accountable to be there is a great motivator. Most gyms have you book a spot before hand, motivating you not to skip and make it a commitment to go.

  • Structure

You can find the perfect class that suits you, and make it a part of your daily or weekly routine. You can count on the class having structure as well; a warm up, workout, and cool down. There will be a qualified instructor there to make sure that you are doing workouts correctly and that the class is being taught correctly.

  • Community

Creating a community within your class can have a huge impact. There is a positive upbeat mood throughout the class. It is a great way to meet new people who have the same goals as you, and can even help you find a workout buddy!

  • Variety

If you get bored of doing the same workout all the time, then small group training is a great way to bring some variety into your life! You can chose which classes you would like to sign up for and try something different each week or even each day!

  • Fun

Going to the gym on your own can sometimes be boring, but group training can fix that! Having a great instructor and upbeat environment with other people makes working out exciting! You can change up your regular workout routine with a class that makes exercising fun.

We are having an event at our gym coming up to kick off our small group fitness training! This event will include a little bit of everything! We hope with your knew knowledge on the benefits of group training you will come join us!



Are you looking to change up your workout? Want to burn off some stress, fat, and calories? Want to have some fun doing it? Then come join us for our Blast Off Introduction! We are going to show you what’s new, hot, and safe for your body. We are looking to educate and help you change not only your body but your mind! We are introducing our new small group fitness program that will include Kickboxing, resistance training, and high intensity interval training. We have been providing health and fitness to the greater Memphis area for 45 years now, and we are ready to give our community a different type of “fit” and “fun”. Come join us Saturday July 15th, 2017 at 9a.m. Friends and Family are welcomed and encouraged!!

***Free for members and $10 dollars for non-members.